How To Complete A Ductless Split Air Conditioner Installation On Your Own

Ductless split AC systems are a wise investment for many residential property owners and those who are handy and familiar with electrical work can usually manage these installation projects without the benefit of professional assistance.

Ductless split air conditioner installation can sometimes be challenging, however, and thus, if you aren’t familiar with electrical and plumbing work, then you should probably secure the help of a trusted contractor so that this individual can handle the install for you.

Even if you happen to be fairly handy, you have to account for the fact that this equipment is hard to properly size and maintain and if any mistakes are made during the installation process, you will likely need to secure professional services in order to correct your mistakes anyway.

If you have decided to handle a ductless split air conditioner installation on your own, the steps that follow will help you get your unit in place and functioning with minimal hassle.

The first thing that you need to do is to lay a pad down near the home where the installation will be performed. You will have to make sure that the ground beneath this pad is level and you can then place the condenser for your AC unit on top of the pad.

You should then drill a hole through the wall of your home so that the refrigerant line can travel into your basement. This can be accomplished with a hole saw drill.

Avoid making this hole too large as it should only be big enough to get the necessary hoses and wires through to the other side of the wall, which could be in the basement or might be on the exterior of the property.

Next, the line should be stuffed through the hole that you have drilled to get the hose down into your basement. You will have to open a space in your wall where you intend to place the inside unit.

The refrigerant line will need to travel from the condenser unit up to the area in which the unit will be installed. It is additionally necessary to have a drain line running to the room that the unit is placed in and this is usually a PVC drainage line.

After this, you should bring the electrical wires and cables that are carrying the electricity to your air conditioner from the condenser.

This part of the job is often the most challenging and is best completed by a seasoned electrician. It can be dangerous to complete this part of the process if you are not an electrician.

The next step in these efforts is to verify the height that was recommended when you bought the unit. AC units like these usually sit up on the wall, so you have to measure the height at which the unit will sit.

The unit will be hung with a metal bracket that is installed at the height that was recommended in the product information.

Finally, the refrigerant line will need to be connected to the electrical wires and PVC piping. This is also something that is best handled by a professional electrician in order to avoid physical harm.

The cover can then be placed on the unit to protect the equipment interior. It can be easy to install this type of system if you have electrical and plumbing experience, however, this is a job that is best left to professionals in order to avoid injuries and ensure that the unit is properly installed.

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