How to Decide Whether to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner or a Window Unit

During times of hot weather, everybody knows a few little tricks for preserving a bit of freshness inside their homes, like putting wet towels over the windows, or placing a bowl full of ice in front of the fan. However, once a certain temperature is reached, these little things are not effective any more, and we need to find better solutions.

It could be that you are a little reluctant about investing in a “heavy duty” air conditioning system. They can be quite expensive and even complicated to install.

If this is you, then I recommend taking a look at maybe investing in a window air conditioner or a portable air conditioner. Portable ac units and window air conditioner units can be the solution you’ve been looking for all this time.

A portable air conditioner is more than just a simple fan, they are total and complete units, with the ability to regulate your room temperatures by the production of cool air. They are not those “heavy duty” devices you were shying away from. Another benefit to these units is that they don’t require hiring an expensive professional to install.

You have a choice between 2 main unit types that you can install all by yourself –

Portable Air Conditioners –Amana Air Conditioner

These types of units carry 2 distinct benefits and are compact, individual, single units. The first benefit is price, because they are one of the cheapest solutions available. The second benefit is the mobility.

Because they come mounted on wheels, they can be pulled behind you into any part of the house you need them to go. They are priced starting at under $300 for units with the smallest amount of power.

Window Air Conditioners-

iStock_000008802179_ExtraSmall-1These units are designed to fit right into the opening of your window. The part that remains inside the home, constantly delivers fresh air, while the outside part expels the hot air. Contrary to popular belief, they are very easy to install.

Included in the price is everything you need to easily install them yourself. All accessories like extension for filling in spaces, mounting brackets, and more, will be in the box. They are prices about the same as their portable counterparts.

Are Air Conditioners For The Hot Season Only?

Many people never think about using an air conditioner in the winter. However, that is a big mistake. There are many types of air conditioners that are able to combine several different functions, like air filtration, de-humidification, and ventilation.

Many models come with reversible functioning for winter use. Even the simplest units can deliver supplemental heating during winter months, and some of the higher-end models can really benefit you, by replacing your entire heating system!

This enables you to make adjustments to your room temperature with only one installation, for both winter and summer. One of the biggest benefits is that, compared to the typical electric heaters, these units are able to deliver almost 3 times the heating power for the energy they consume. This is due to the fact that they work through a pumping action, and pump thermal energy from outside.

The last way to benefit from these units, is to use them as simple fans. This is an extremely economical way of managing your heat, and a solid solution for handling moderately hot weather.

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