How to Find Discount Air Conditioners

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If you are interested in purchasing discount air conditioners, take note of the following suggestions:

– Cheap air conditioners are sold based on their tonnage. They range from 1.5 to 5 tons.

– When consulting with a salesperson, make sure he or she calculates your air conditioning needs based on the Manual J standard.Air Conditioner General Price

– Talk with your salesperson about any further concerns, especially when it comes to air flow issues. Sometimes the coolness you receive on the first floor of your home may not match what happens on the second floor. Should there be any extreme discrepancies, you may have to purchase a second unit.

A cheaper alternative is to put a portable air conditioner on the floor that is not getting cool. Check out our portable ac reviews here.

– The SEER standard is what is used to judge the efficiency of any air conditioner. These ratings start at 13 and end at 21. Only older units are judged at lower SEERS, such as 9 or 10. As for what is adequate for most situations, you should get a unit rated at 13 SEERS.

At the highest rating, you are treated to commercial air conditioning. Should you decide to put such a unit in your home, be prepared to pay, as each SEER costs $500 or more per rating. However, in exchange for such expenses, you will be treated to a device with the highest functioning.

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