How to Find the Best Brands of Window Air Conditioners

wall mounted air conditioner units
The window air conditioner is a popular unit designed to fit into a regular residential window. It will efficiently cool a small space according to its output in BTUs (British Thermal Units). This type of A/C unit originated as an alternative for homeowners or apartment dwellers who did not want the expense of central air or simply did not require such an elaborate cooling solution.

One of our favorite (and cheapest) window air conditioners is the Haier model. Check out our review here.

Here’s how window A/C works. The unit has a hot coil, a cold coil and 2 fans. The fans serve to circulate air over the coils and to remove hot, humid air from the space. The inside air, in turn, is cooled to a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

When deciding on air conditioning for your home, be sure to know the square footage of the room which you wish to cool. The room size determines what capacity air conditioning unit you need. The larger the space is the more BTU capacity you will require.

A great many window units are quite energy-efficient and quiet, and they can cool a room very rapidly when they are installed properly. In addition, the best brands of window air conditioners are moderately priced, with manufacturers such as Haier, Carrier and Kelon offering units costing as low as $50 to $150 per unit. These models are quiet and come with air filters, timers and dehumidification features.

For consumers who can afford a bit more, $300 will get a very energy efficient and larger capacity air model which can cool a room down in a short period of time. More than $600 will secure a high-end model which may be able to cool the entire first floor of a small home.

Before purchasing a window air conditioner, do some advance research on types, brands and prices in your particular geographic area.

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