How to Find the Best Poker Room AC Unit

When the weather grows hot, air conditioning units can really help you to stay comfortable and cool. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see people rush through the street in order to get into a space that is air conditioned. Keep in mind, however, that staying cool is not your sole concern – remaining fresh and healthy should be foremost in your mind.

This is what a good AC system should be able to do for you. Because apart from keeping a room comfortable and cool, these units should also filter the indoor air.

A quality air conditioning system that has been set up correctly will thoroughly filter outside air so that only clean air is entering the room. This is why we think that the best poker room AC unit is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S).

In addition to keeping your poker room comfortably cool, it will also help to eliminate the unpleasant scent of cigar smoke.

An AC unit that has its own built-in air filter is exactly what you need for these spaces. The AC options that are currently being sold are not able to filter out all harmful contaminants.

Thus, if you are worried about the effects of inhaling fumes, dust and smoke and how this will impact your health over the long haul, you should shop around for a superior AC model that has a good air filter built in.

This type of AC equipment in the office, home or poker room will be even more helpful if there are any room occupants with respiratory-related illnesses or allergies. Having a decent air conditioning unit is not sufficient, so keep in mind to open the windows and doors on occasion in order to get rid of impure air. You must also maintain an adequate method of housekeeping.

In order to ensure that your AC equipment lasts a good long while and that your filtration system is set up and functioning properly, you will need to routinely maintain your machine.

Don’t put maintenance off until the system breaks down entirely or until the air quality has declined significantly. In fact, many AC experts recommend changing the filters in these units once every 30 days for optimal functioning. But alas! Many consumers do not do this for several years.

Start cleaning and changing your filter on a regular basis. This will make your air conditioner filter out the bad air and send new, fresh air in. Thus, if you want clean air flowing through your abode, routine AC maintenance is essential.

Poorly maintained filters cannot clean the air well and this also makes the machine less effective for cooling down an enclosed space. Moreover, it uses up a ton of energy and significantly shortens the lifespan of this equipment.

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