How to Find the Best Portable Air Conditioner With No Drain Required

Best Portable Air Conditioner With No Drain
What you need to know about portable AC units before investing in one:

1. As with all AC units, portable air conditioners produce water condensation that is often use to keep the unit itself cool, however, excess moisture will need to be removed.

If you are searching for a practical design, then a unit that has automatic evaporative technology is highly recommended. These are typically able to automatically drain the remaining water condensation.

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Best Portable Air Conditioner With No Drain2. Selecting the right size unit is vital in order to ensure that it will work efficiently. Some people mistakenly believe that bigger is always better. This, however, is all wrong. Do not get equipment that is too large or too small. The unit should match the size of the room. Some of the more popular options are 5000 BTU, 7000 BTU, 14000 BTU and 60000 BTU.

3. The noise that these units make is their major drawback. They are currently available in split designs. These models are not quite as noisy.

4. Based on the mechanism hose, they consist of two designs that are either “air to air” or “mono-block hoses”. If you are searching for a unit that provides continual operation without having to manually remove excess moisture, then look for one with an air-to-air set-up.

5. In order to get optimal results, it is important to look for designs that have Energy Star approval and a high SEER. Make sure to check the filter in your air conditioner every month (depending on the amount of pollution in the region and the quality of your filter).

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