How to Find the Best Portable Air Conditioners Under $500

This review looks at one of the best portable air conditioners under $500 capable of cooling a large room with a maximum of 500 square feet. The features listed here make this product the most attractive option when installing other types of air coolers is impossible or impractical.

The overall reviews are positive despite minor complaints about the noise produced by the fan at its highest speed and other small issues.

The PAC 1401W Ultra Cool by Koldfront is a well-designed A/C unit with a cooling capacity of 14,000 BTUs.

The manufacturer is committed to producing a quality product in addition to offering the best support to consumers who purchase it. The unit comes with a warranty that covers spare parts for one year and labor for 90 days from the date of purchase.

This A/C unit has an auto drain system that reduces its need for maintenance. All condensate is automatically exhausted. This eliminates the need to drain water unless the unit is installed in an environment with extremely high humidity.

This Koldfront A/C is energy efficient, saving on operating costs. Users can set this unit to turn off and on automatically with the programmable timer. This allows users to set the product to turn off during the night and turn on at a specified time during the day to prevent it from wasting energy when cooling is unnecessary.

Installation of this air conditioning unit is quick and easy. All portable units require venting to the outside but few can offer the same “uncap & connect” feature used with this Koldfront product.

This environmentally friendly A/C uses refrigerant that will not harm the ozone layer if a malfunction causes its release into the atmosphere. Allergy sensitive users will like that it uses no toxic chemicals.

The auto restart function eliminates the need to restart and reprogram the unit after a power failure. If the unit loses power it will save the most recent settings and restart automatically.

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