How To Find The Best Portable Air Conditioners With Heaters

Air Conditioner Cost Per Hour
While finding an affordable portable AC unit and heater combination can be ideal, the cost of the unit must not be the sole factor that you consider. You should additionally account for the brand, the local climate in your region and the various features that each model provides.

Our favorite portable air conditioner with heater is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH).

Selecting The Best Portable Air Conditioners With Heaters

Combination heater and portable ac units currently have a number of special functions that make them perfect for a variety of purposes and that additionally increase the overall value of these investments.

For example, some of the latest models come with their own dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier is perfect for reducing indoor humidity levels. Lowering the humidity inside of your home will also reduce the amount of bacteria that live in the house and that cause mildew and mold issues to develop. This can harm your health.

It is also vital to get the best brand. Look for well-established brands to offer far better results than those units that have been made by companies that are brand new to the scene. AC units from recognizable brands can also be far more durable and can usually function at an optimal level for longer period of time. Conversely, generic brands rarely come with guarantees or warranties.

Think About The Local Climate

Not every portable heater and air conditioning combo product will be able to provide good service all year long. There are some units that will not be able to work efficiently if they do not have the right air temperature to pull from outside of the home. Others can improve quite a bit when they are able to rely on cooler outdoor air.

When looking around for this equipment, be sure to ask about the desired temperature for operation and find out whether a unit is capable of working well in your location.

Learn Whether The BTU Rating Is Right For Your Needs

BTU is short for British Thermal Unit and this is a standard measurement that is used for understanding how much energy will be necessary for creating and maintaining the desired indoor temperature.

When search for units that provide both heat and cool air, check the BTU rating and make certain that this is suitable for the size of the area that you want to cool. When the BTU rating is to high, this means that you will be using more energy than necessary and paying far higher energy bills than you really have to.

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