How to Find the Best Portable Indoor Air Conditioner

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
For a small space, like a home office or small bedroom, that needs to be cooled quickly, a portable a/c unit is an excellent solution. It solves the problem of cooling the space, by reducing the room temperature.

But, do you know how to buy a portable air conditioner? Read on to learn how to select the most suitable portable ac for your specific needs.

An important consideration is selecting the right power for the area to be cooled. It can be easy to think more power is the better choice. However, most experts agree that the layout and amount of insulation in the walls have far greater influence on the unit’s cooling ability.

Therefore, the number of BTUs should be selected accordingly. If not, you may end up with extreme condensation problems or other issues. Calculate a portable a/c unit BTU requirement, by considering the facts below.

All air conditioners, including portable units, are rated with BTUs (BTUs). The higher the BTUs, the more cooling power the appliances offers. Consider the factors in determining the right sized a/c unit for the room. The guide below can be used to indicate the largest room size for specific BTUs.

150 sf: 7,500 BTU
250 sf: 9,000 BTU
325 sf: 10,000 BTU
425 sf: 12,000 BTU

These measures are a guide. Variations can occur among units from one manufacturer to another. Other factors can reduce efficiency of the portable air conditioner. Make sure you check the SEER rating as well.

If the room is shaded by heavy draperies or trees outside, the capacity of the unit can be lowered by ten percent. If the space gets plenty of sun, increase the unit’s capacity by ten percent.

For each extra person in a room above two, add an additional 600BTU.

Add 4,000 BTU for a kitchen or cooking area

After determining the BTU rating you need, you can consider personal preferences in features. You can decide how many exhaust vents you need, whether you want fixed or oscillating louvers, and whether to select a unidirectional or multi-directional unit.

This may be determined by how long you plan to use the device during the day, whether you will be nearby to make necessary adjustments.

Noise is another factor to think about. If the a/c unit will be used in a bedroom, a loud appliance may interrupt a good night’s sleep. Noise may also interfere with conference calls in a home office or with music lessons.

You will need to think about where the unit will be used and how much it will be used. The best portable indoor air conditioner is one that provides optimal cooling performance.

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