How to Find the Best Quality Evaporative Cooler

Here are some things to consider if you are searching for the best quality evaporative cooler. You can also check out our evaporative cooler reviews here.

Swamp evaporative coolers require minimal energy for operation compared to traditional air conditioning systems. They utilize a natural cooling mechanism, which means they are not harmful to the environment. This type of cooling system does not require the use of refrigerant, so there are no toxic emissions for consumers to worry about.

The term “swamp cooler” is actually a misnomer because this type of air cooler would not work effectively in an environment with swamp-like conditions. The system cools the air the same way it cools naturally, which is the same way the human body stays cool.

If you have ever lived near an ocean or lake you already know that a breeze coming from the direction of the water is cooler than a breeze coming from inland.

Nature will attempt to balance the temperature when warm air meets cold air. If warm air flows over water, the water evaporates and cools the air. The average swamp cooler uses this same mechanism to cool the air inside a room or building.

A fan draws hot air from outside and the air absorbs water as it flows over damp pads and becomes cooler. The cool air is then distributed throughout the room. The cooler circulates air through the room, which creates a breeze that makes the air feel even cooler.

This is why an evaporative cooler will not work in a humid climate. It must have hot, dry air to work effectively. This type of cooler is not the best option for anyone who lives in a geographical area that experiences high humidity during the summer.

If the conditions are ideal, this type of cooler works extremely well and is inexpensive to operate. Consumers who opt to purchase a swamp cooler for the home will save energy on their cooling costs during the hottest months of the year.

Some consumers have their swamp coolers adapted so they run on solar power instead of electricity. Some states, including California, offer consumers rebates when they install an evaporative cooler because the energy savings are so significant.

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