How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

If you spend time worrying about the costs of cooling your home during the hot summer months, then you need to know more about getting your AC ready for the summer.

The majority of people have an expectation of rising bills this time of year, but that really should not be the way it is. If you take the time to prepare your air conditioning unit for the hot months of summer, then you can look forward to –

1. Paying Lower Utility Bills

2. Avoiding Frequent Breakdowns

3. Extending The Life Expectancy of The HVAC System

4. Keeping Your Home Healthy & Comfortable

Family sitting in hammockAC units carry 3 main components, which are the air ducts, the wall-mounted indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. Each of them needs to be maintained and serviced when you are preparing for the upcoming summer months. Anytime you’re getting ready for a seasonal change in the weather, you should take the following 5 precautions –

(1). Inspect and/or Change The Current Air Filters

ACs do much more than just regulate your room temperatures. They also filter out things like dust or pollen and other types of small debris. It is the air filters that take on these duties. That makes it crucial for you to check on their condition as you await the summer months.

Filters that are clogged are inefficient and can raise your utility bills. If they need to be replaced, it is still cheaper in the long run than running clogged filters. Some people don’t possess the skills to do this, and they should turn to professionals for help.

Expert HVAC technicians can quickly and easily replace your filters, resulting in a timely removal of dust, allergens, airborne pathogens, pollen, small loose hairs or fibers, and much more. Getting these types of impurities out of the air in your home helps to keep you and your family healthy.

(2). Inspect Your Ductwork

These should be checked for leaks and obstructions from debris. The joints should be checked to maintain a good seal. Leaks can be handled with duct tape or better yet – a silver-aluminum foil (regular duct tape will break down over time). Mold needs to be dealt with as well. A clean HVAC system means clean air in the house.

(3). Installing Programmable Thermostats is a Proven Money Saver

Research shows that having a programmable thermostat definitely increases the efficiency of your AC unit. They are easily installed, affordable, and can save as much as $100 a year.

(4). Remove Debris From The Exterior Unit

You want your unit to have unrestricted air flow all the way through. From the inside to the outside there should be no blockage. In an ideal setting you need to have no less than two free feet of space around your outdoor unit.

(5). Inspect Your Condensation Removal System

Condensation will form whenever warm air and cool air meet. This takes place in the coil of your AC unit. Different AC manufacturers handle the removal of condensation in different ways.

Some let the liquid freely flow and be caught in a drain. They might let it flow into a pan that sits below your blower unit. Most of these pans will be connected to a float switch, that triggers the pump to turn on, that will drain the liquid.

Some units have kill switches that automatically shut your system down if the pan is too full to avoid overflowing. These need to be checked to ensure they are functioning properly before summer as well.

That is how to get your air conditioner ready for summer. If you are not skilled in this area, then consider calling a local AC expert to assist you and take care of any problems. It is good for you and your family’s health and comfort during the summer months.

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