How to Get Your Window Air Conditioner Ready Before Summer

If you want to make sure that your window air conditioner will keep you cool during the dog days of summer, then you will want to read this article. Here we will outline the three main tasks that you must perform in order to ensure that your window air conditioner is in good working order before the summer starts. We’ll explain how to get your window air conditioner out of storage, how to check to make sure the most important components are working well, and explain how to install it safely. After reading this iStock_000000156335_ExtraSmallarticle, you should be able to stay cool all summer with peace of mind.

The first thing that you need to do is to pull your window unit out of storage whether it is in the garage, a closet, or a storage unit. In particular, you need to make sure that it is clean and tidy before you put it back on the windowsill. First, dust off the outside of the unit to make sure it is clean. Then pull the grill off the front of the unit. Use a putty knife to pop it off or unscrew it if it is screwed down. Wash off the grill with warm soapy water and put it aside. Then use a vacuum to clean out any dust or dirt inside the unit near the evaporator coils. Make sure you don’t get any water in there. By pulling the unit out of storage and tidying it up, you are well on your way to cool comfort in your home.

The second step is to check on two of the most important components of the window unit: the air filter and the fins. The air filter is so important because it cleans bacteria and pollen out of the air. Pull the filter out and take a look at it. Is it dirty? If so, you have two options. You can either wash it with water and a scrub brush or you can just buy a new one. Before summer starts, however, you want to make sure you have a clean filter. Next, check the fins on the air conditioner. These are so important  because they help to direct the cool air where you need it in your room. If the fins are bent, you can straighten them with your hand or you can invest in a fin comb like the Robinair 18403 Fin Straightener. One you have checked on these components, replace all of the parts and put the front grill back on the unit.

The final step is to install the window unit on the windowsill. Make sure that you have two people for this job. Even if your unit is not particularly heavy, you want an extra set of hands to make sure that the window air conditioner doesn’t slip out the window. If you have brackets installed, go ahead and place the unit back on the brackets and tighten them down. Next, plug in the unit and try it out.

If you follow this three-step plan to get your air conditioner in good shape before it heats up, you will stay nice and cool this summer. This tip sheet has explained exactly what you have to do to get your window unit ready for summer.

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