How to Install a Wall Air Conditioner

You won’t enjoy summer very much if you lack air conditioning. If you want a budget-friendly solution to the heat, then a wall unit might be the right kind of air conditioner for you. These are powerful units that are generally quieter than window units and less expensive than central air conditioners.

Here are instructions on how to install a wall air conditioner.
First you need to decide what type of wall unit is best suited for your home. A small wall unit is ideal if you are only trying to cool down a small area.

However, you also have to decide which exterior wall you will use for placing the air conditioning unit. You will need to measure the unit accurately in order to insure that it can be installed properly and work effectively.

If you are going to be cutting a hole into the wall, you must cut a straight and level hole so the unit will not be sitting at an angle. If you have carpenter experience, you will find this a simple project. If you do not have this experience, you will need to hire a professional to do it.

You will need to use these tools:

  • drywall tape
  • electric drill
  • pry bar
  • level
  • saber or circular saw
  • a drywall saw
  • tape measure

You should know where you will be installing the air conditioning unit before you buy it. The best place to install a wall unit air conditioner is below a window as the window header will be strong enough to hold the air conditioner.

You will need to ensure there is an electrical outlet nearby so you can plug in the air conditioner easily but be sure there are no electric or gas lines that you might be cutting.

Be sure to read the manual that comes with the unit so you know the dimensions of the hole you must make in the wall. Mark the drywall carefully before you start making any cuts. Take out the parts you have cut from the wall with the use of a pry bar.

Next, use the same procedure to cut a hole in the exterior wall and use a drill out the four corners of the hole and then use a saber or circular saw.

Build a frame for the unit so it fits tightly into the hole. Some wall units come with sleeves so decide whether you will need a frame.

After the hole is completed and the sleeve frame is installed, you can slide the unit into the hole. Tilt very slightly so the condensation can run out of the conditioner and away from the house.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to secure the unit to the wall. Put back the insulation you had to remove when making the hole. Paint the area around the hole and use the drywall tape if you need to cover some seams. Weather-proof caulking can cover gaps in the exterior wall and your unit will be efficiently installed.

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