How To Know If You Need An Air Conditioner Motor Replacement

Air conditioners are vital home additions all throughout the year, regardless of where you live. This makes it important to take care of your AC system.

Do I Really Need an Air Conditioner Motor Replacement?

In particular, you need to make sure the motor of your air conditioner is running well. To determine if you need an air conditioner motor replacement, we recommend that you listen for sounds that come from the air handler or the condensing unit that is situated at the exterior of your home. You can learn whether or not a problem exists by simply listening to these systems.

Try listening to the air handler which will usually be situated in the garage, the attic or in a closet. When the thermostat is turned on, you should be able to hear air moving through the supply vents and you should additionally feel the cooler air coming out of these.

Should you not hear any air coming from the supply vents, place your hand on the access panel of the supply vent to see if you are able to feel the vibration that is caused by the blower wheel and check out the sounds that it makes. There should be a steady vibration coming off of this along with a constant noise.

If there is a loud humming sound and a bad vibration or if there seems to be a burnt odor or any abnormal sounds at all, then you likely need an air conditioner motor replacement. It will then be necessary to contact a local technician in order to have the electrical components of the air handler replaced or repaired.

Potential Issues with the Condenser

There is another component of your AC unit that is known as the condenser and this will be located on the exterior of your home near the back or side of the residence. Walk outside and listen to this unit to hear the fan blade moving and see if you hear a steady blowing sound.

There should not be any major vibrations to this unit either. When a condenser unit is vibrating, it could be due to a fan blade that is no longer balanced. When this happens, the motor will likely burn out or this could result in a leak if it is not addressed in a timely fashion.

Thus, if you discover a bad vibration in your condensing unit, it is always best to contact a local technician and have this professional diagnose the issue for you in person right away, rather than delaying until you have absolutely no way of cooling your home down.

The goal of this article is to show you the importance of listening to the sounds that your AC system is making so that you can detect issues before it becomes impossible to cool your home off and to help you prevent costly repairs before these develop or spiral out of control.

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