How to Move Your Portable Air Conditioner Safely

If you are employed to a hospital and have to move a portable air conditioning unit from one server room to another, you must ensure that special care is taken to do it correctly. You cannot afford to make any mistake, or the computer servers could stop functioning.

You may not consider this to be a big deal, but you need to Young businesswoman with laptop, isolated on whiteremember that computers used in a hospital, could literally be helping to save lives.

The two other critical components to health care: billing and scheduling are also connected to them. The computer servers must be kept in an environment that is monitored, to ensure their protection, which is why it may be necessary for a portable air conditioner (also known as a windowless air conditioner) to be moved.

The things that should be done in order to prevent overheating, damage and crashes from occurring, are listed below.

Firstly, the room must be adequately cooled prior to disconnecting the machine. If it still feels too hot, then the coolers in the server room, may not be able to handle the cooling down of the unit on their own.

A machine should only be removed from a room that has other ones, that can keep it at the correct temperature, unless the servers are also being moved to another area. The main control panel on the unit should be checked, to ascertain the official temperature before unplugging it.

Secondly, you need to go to the room where the machine is being taken to, to make sure that there is sufficient space for installation. You do not want to make this job time-consuming and long. Select the best location for it, and see if it is possible to fit it there.

It must be determined what is in need of cooling, and confirm the placement of the unit in the most practical area. The dimensions of Librarythe space must be measured, and then review the manual that came with the portable air conditioner, to confirm that it will fit in a space of that size.

Portable AC units come in a wide variety of sizes so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Make sure that you can plug it in and have it running immediately, without having to spend a lot of time moving things around, to make space for it. A surge protector is essential for additional safety.

Finally, locate all the electrical outlets in the area. If the one you find seems to be too far away, measure the cord on the machine to determine the length. It is a difficult task to move an existing outlet, so it makes more sense to move the placement of the unit.

Make sure that an adequate electrical outlet is close to the portable air conditioning unit, and within the reach of the cord. If you are out of all other options, you may need to find an extension cord.

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