How to Properly Vent Your Windowless Air Conditioner

Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner Reviews
Windowless air conditioner units (also known as portable AC units or free standing air conditioner units) always require a portable ac hose for ventilating the hot air to the outside of the home. While an exhaust hose is necessary, it does not provide the best results in cooling.

Manufacturers may claim their portable units will work with a single hose. However, one hose does not produce efficient results. An additional intake hose allows portable units to circulate the air properly and in the right direction.

People use portable air conditioning units for many reasons. Often, Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner Reviewsthey can increase the effectiveness of central air systems, if positioned correctly and in optimal locations within the home. They are ideal for smaller areas or single rooms, though some models are strong enough to cool several rooms.

Portability is one feature that makes them suitable for home or office use. They can easily be moved from one space to another, as needed. Most models come with wheels and can be easily pushed from one place to another. Some are light enough to carry from home to the office or garage.

Why One Exhaust Hose is Not Enough

With a single exhaust hose, a portable ac unit will likely remove some of the hot air in the room. However, much of the air replacing the warmer air comes from outside, through the cracks and crevices in the home. Heating duct work and plumbing routes are other areas where the air may escape.

Therefore, the portable air conditioning unit is simply moving hot air out of the house to cool the air. When used in a single room, the air comes from under the cracks in doors and windows. Such a system can be made more efficient, but looking for a model with two hose system.

How do Dual Hose AC Units Work?

With a dual hose product, air from outside the home is used to circulate the flow and remove heat from inside the house. The system works by pulling hot air from outside with one hose, pushing it through the AC unit, and blowing it back outside, through another hose. This is a much more efficient system that contains the air flow in a closed environment, for more effective cooling of the room or space.

This type of unit is better able to do what it is meant to do. The warm air does not need to be directed outside for the space to be cooled. The existing air in the home is cooled through the closed system. Thus, the warm air does not need to be re-cooled continuously. Such a system works more efficiently and thus, uses less energy.

Using a single hose portable ac unit is like using the car’s ac system with the windows down. It simply doesn’t work as well. The dual hose unit is like using the car system with all windows shut. This is a better way to stay cool and save energy on cooling the space. Whether you need a smaller unit for a single space or a larger unit for several rooms, be sure to look for a two hose portable ac unit.

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