How to Save Money on the Operating Costs of Mobile Home Air Conditioner Units

Mobile Home Air Conditioner Units
Individuals choose to live in mobile homes for many different reasons. Some use them as temporary dwellings while others live in them permanently. If you reside in a mobile home, you need Mobile Home Air Conditioner Unitsto learn how to reduce your energy usage.

The months from June through September are often the hottest of the year and without a good air cooler, you will be uncomfortably warm. Individuals who purchase mobile home air conditioner units must learn the proper way to vent the system, which is different from the method used to vent an air conditioner in a house.

Follow these tips to reduce the cost of operating an air conditioner in a mobile home.

In a house, air conditioners utilize vents and the space in the attic. The empty space between the ceiling and the roof of the house helps the home stay cool. A mobile home does not have an attic so you need to purchase a powerful air conditioning unit. One way to reduce your energy bill is to install a cool roof coating.

For reducing heat penetration in regular homes vents are used along with attics. There is a space between the roof and ceiling which helps keep the home cool but mobile homes do not have an attic. For keeping mobile homes cool you need a strong air conditioning system. To reduce the energy consumption in mobile homes, you should apply cool roof coating on your roof.

Cool roof coating is not waterproof, which is a problem. To keep the interior cool while conserving energy, make use of the roof cavity connected to the roof or walls of the mobile home.

Your electricity bill will be higher during the summer because you will be using your air conditioner on most days. You should purchase a unit that is energy efficient and costs less to operate. To keep the unit in good working condition, inspect it every week to make sure the air duct is sealed properly. The air duct should be underneath your mobile home. It should be a few inches off the ground and you should install a skirt to keep dust from blowing into it.

All windows and doors should be properly sealed. Locating your mobile home in a shady area is another effective way to save energy on cooling costs. The interior will stay cooler and the air conditioner does not have to work as hard when the home does not receive direct sunlight.

Water heaters also consume a lot of energy because they are high voltage. The water heater is located outside for most mobile homes. Wrapping the unit in an insulated blanket will save on energy costs.

Using a thermostat allows you to measure your energy consumption. Heat the water to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water consumption is low, you can heat the water to 120 degrees.

In addition to placing your mobile home in the shade, open the windows when there is a breeze to allow for increased circulation through the home. During the winter months, keep the doors closed. Choosing appropriate shutters and drapes will also help you control the interior temperature.

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