How to Take Charge of Your Heating and Cooling Needs with the Amana Through the Wall Air Conditioner Heater Unit

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If you’re looking for year-round heating and cooling from one single unit, your best bet is to go with an air conditioner heater unit.

confusedThe benefits of these types of units are many. In particular, you get one unit for year-round use (with cooling in the summer and heating in the winter). Moreover, you only need to install one unit to gain all of these features. Rather than paying for 2 distinct machines (an air conditioner and heater), you will kill two birds with one stone when you opt for a unit that serves dual purposes.

One of our favorite through the wall units is the Amana through the wall air conditioner heater system.

One of the main reasons that we recommend this unit is that it can take care if all of your heating and cooling needs if you live in a moderate climate. If you live in a climate with extreme cold or extreme heat, however, this unit may not be your best bet. Rather, you may need to go for a system that has more power.

But for most folks living in a temperate region of the country, an Amana Wall Air Conditioner PTC123G35AXXX can provide your heating and cooling year round. Here is our review of this Amana ac.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Amana unit is that it is made in the USA. With the onslaught of new air conditioner models coming out of the Asian market, it is hard to sometimes find American say air-conditioning units these days. But Amana is still proudly manufactured in the USA.

When you talk to consumers who own an Amana through the water conditioner heater unit, they often comment on the quiet operation of this unit. In fact, it is so quiet that many people forget that the unit is even turned on.

Another benefit of the Amana unit is that it has a particularly shallow silhouette. The depth of the unit is under 8 inches which means it blends right into the wall where it is installed. This means that it is fairly unobtrusive in your room. Moreover, it will not take up valuable floor space like a portable air conditioner.

The Amana unit comes with a number of terrific features as well. In particular, it has a very easy to clean filter so that you can save money by cleaning the filter regularly and then replacing it. It also comes with an excellent evaporators so that you will not have to drain any condensation liquid from the unit.

The heater component of this unit can keep you warm down to 24°F outside. So as we said earlier, if you live in an extremely cold or extremely hot and humid region, this unit is probably not your best bet. But for most of the country, this unit will work just fine and is a cost-effective solution to your heating and cooling needs.

Finally, installation of the Amana the wall unit is fairly straightforward. It is installed flush to the wall and is held in the wall through a sleeve which you must pay for separately. You will have to cut to the drywall to install this to the wall unit. If that worries you, you can easily find reputable installers through all my reviews like Yelp or Angie’s List.

So the final word is that if you live in a moderate climate, and you are looking for year-round heating and cooling, an Amana unit may be your best bet.

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