How to Take Charge of Your Overheated Apartment: Our Blue Star Air Conditioner Review

blue star air conditioner review
So you have a great job and you’re living in wonderful new apartment in Mumbai or Bangalore. One problem is that it is absurdly hot for many months of the year. You need to find a cooling solution that will be cost-effective but will also work to keep you cool when you needed to.

Here is our review of one of most popular air conditioners available in India these days, the Blue Star air conditioner unit.

blue star air conditioner reviewYou’ll see that the Blue Star unit will help you get cool fast and make your apartment livable even during the hottest months of the year.

Blue Star is the largest air-conditioner company in India. Not only do they provide residential cooling solutions, but they also are responsible for the air-conditioning units in many corporate offices and businesses. In fact, you may very well have a Blue Star air-conditioning unit at your office building.

Blue Star provides a wide variety of air conditioners, including central air conditioners for large homes or businesses. But they also cater to people living in small flats who also desire a window air conditioner or portable ac unit to keep cool during the summer months.

If you’re in the market for new air conditioners so you have a few different options from which to choose.

First, you could go with a standard window unit. These can be seen jutting out of windows all over major Indian cities. A window unit does an excellent job of cooling, but it does block out one of your windows.

In recent years split air conditioners from Blue Star have become increasingly popular. The benefit of split AC is that the loudest part of the unit (the compressor) is located outside of your building, while the fan is placed on a wall inside your building.

The other major benefit of the split air conditioner is that it can be easily installed by connecting small tubing between the two units. In recent years, split air conditioners become increasingly popular in India and other growing Asian nations.

The other benefit of time at the Blue Star unit is that it comes with excellent filtration which will also clean the air in your home. In particular, the split ac units are known for being highly hygienic in addition to providing excellent cooling for your home.

So if you part of the growing middle class in India and you are looking for a way to stay cool this summer, consider looking at a Blue Star air conditioner is a cost-effective and healthy choice.

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