Important Facts About Ventless Windowless Air Conditioner Models

ventless windowless air conditioner
Consumers often write in to us to ask about ventless windowless air conditioner designs. Following is a brief overview of designs that are windowless and why each one of these options will ultimately need some form of venting.

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1. Why you have to vent air conditioning units that are windowless.

ventless windowless air conditionerYou have to vent AC options that are windowless due to the fact that these machines extract hot air from the room. If you want your system to cool the room down efficiently, you are going to have to vent this warm air outside.

When purchasing air conditioners that are portable, you will get venting kits with these at no additional charge. Portable models can be vented through the ceiling, the wall, the window or even a door.

Plexiglass is often used for venting portable models through casement windows. You’ll have to start by cutting the plexiglass to the size of the window. Then you will need to vent the hole by cutting out a hole that measures 5″ and then place this over the window once it is open.

The portable AC unit will then vent the hot air outdoors. Additionally, this Plexiglass will allow the same amount of natural light to pass through that the normal window allows.

2. What is an air conditioner that is windowless?

Windowless AC models are designs that can be moved from room to room. These systems are self-contained and you do not need to permanently install them. Portable machines, however, will need to be vented through either a wall or window.

After having placed the unit in an area of your choosing, you will have to set the exhaust hose through an opening that leads outside so that all heated air can be vented.

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