Insider’s Guide to Goldstar Air Conditioners

goldstar air conditioners
GoldStar is a company that has been around for a long time producing high quality products at low, affordable prices. Their current air conditioning units are proving to be no exception as they are sleek, well crafted and made from high quality parts which means that under normal use these air conditioners will last a long time.

goldstar air conditionersThe GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner is certainly a remarkable unit considering it pumps out 5,000 BTUs and is affordably priced. Built to cool small to medium size rooms, it offers a number of advantages for the buyer who needs to replace an air conditioner or perhaps get a new one for their residence.

There are certainly a number of benefits in having this air conditioning unit in your home, especially if you have a small to medium size room that needs cooling during those hot summer days.

Intuitive Controls: The manual controls on the GoldStar R5050 unit are easy to understand and very straightforward to use. This means that youÕll be operating this air conditioner within seconds of installation.

One-Touch Removable Filter: One of the most annoying aspects of most air conditioner units is removing the filter for cleaning. In most cases, the filter is difficult to remove and the potential mess of dust and debris means you’ll be cleaning it off your floor afterwards. However, this unit has a one-touch removable filter that is easy and simple to do which means far less, if any mess on your floor, hands or clothes when changing out the filter.

Turbo-Fan: One of the nifty features of the GoldStar R5050 is the turbo-fan design which allows for quick cooling when you need it. With two settings, this fan is highly efficient and can cool your room down fast when needed. Plus, there is a thermostat with nine different settings so you can find the one that works best for the room.

Energy Efficient: With a remarkable 9.7 Energy Efficient Rating, this particular unit is quite remarkable when it comes to cooling a room without running up your energy bills. For many, this window-mountable air conditioner is one that saves them money while efficiently cooling a room.

If it seems that the GoldStar R5050 is the perfect window air conditioner for small to medium size rooms, then that would be an accurate presentation. This is a remarkable unit that is built for energy efficiency, simplicity of use and overall cooling power at a price that is quite reasonable. In fact, this is arguably one of the best air conditioning units in its price range.

The quality and reputation of GoldStar also helps in establishing this particular air conditioning unit as one to get if you are replacing your existing unit or are in need of cooling down a bedroom, den or small to medium size living room on those hot, summer days. When you consider all that this unit offers along with the low, competitive price, it’s pretty easy to choose the GoldStar R5050 air conditioner for your home.

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