Insights into Trane Air Conditioner Filters and Replacement Parts

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Trane, a global provider of HVAC systems, introduces home air conditioning units that are uniquely designed for residential homes. Each model offers warranties with a wide array of coverage.

Consumers can also get high-quality replacements parts, such as Trane PERFECT FIT Air Filter online or from certified Trane retail stores. We’ve found the best prices on these here.

Reuben Trane and his father James founded Trane. Reuben is a firm believer and advocate of excellent and long lasting products, have innovated the company’s products, and established its reputation. Some of the high-quality products in the market today are the XB13, the XL14i, and the XL20i. While the products seemed similar physically, each is unique on its own.

The rating system Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER determines the cooling efficiency of AC units. One of Trane’s AC units, the XL16i is known for its high SEER rating, which reaches up to 17.15.

The XL14i, on the other hand, reaches a cooling efficiency of 15.50. The lowest SEER rating goes to the XR14, which only recorded a 15 SEER rating.

While the SB14, XR15, and XL15i all features a single compressor and a two-stage system during the cooling process, the XL201 has two compressors for faster and better cooling efficiency.

It is also one of the most powerful among the Trane air conditioning units with a SEER rating up to 20.00. The XL15 takes second places the series with 16.00. The XR15 and SB15 has a rating of 17.00 and 14.00 respectively.

The XL20i is highly recommended for cooling a large home or area. It is durable, quiet, and its two compressors is equivalent to having two units in one and allow faster cooling of a large space in record time.

Each unit comes with a plenty of coverage on their warranty. Both the XL15i and XL20i is covered by twelve years on the air compressor with the other parts like the coil covered for up to ten years. The XR15 comes in a full ten years of coverage for all parts.

The XB14 comes with ten years of warranty for its compressor and five years for the coil and other replaceable parts like Trane air conditioner filters.

Air conditioning units like the XB13 are great for smaller areas and are ideal for budget-conscious consumers. With its sound level of seventy eight, however, it is not as quiet as other models, such as the XL20i and the XL14i with a sound level of seventy four each.

When choosing a Trane product, it all comes down to the size of the space you need to cool and your budget. While it goes without saying that a large space requires a more efficient and faster AC units, medium sized homes can also benefit from ultra efficient air conditioners because they are more energy efficient and are less costly on electricity bills in the long run.

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