Installing Through the Wall Air Conditioner Units Safely and Easily

Air conditioners are designed to keep the heat at a safe distance. There is nothing quite as comforting as feeling the cool and gentle wind brushing against your hot skin. The extreme weather will never be a shock in your home once you have an efficient, reliable and energy saving air conditioner.

There is nothing complicated about how they work. As the warm air passes through the cold coils in the A/C, humidity is removed from the arm air. Humidity is reduced the moment this happens, leaving the air as cool as a whisper on a cold night. The moisture removed the air is then drained out of the unit once it has condensed on the coils.

There are several types of air conditioners: through the wall air conditioner units, portable ac units, window air conditioner machines, packaged terminal and mini-split or ductless.

The through the wall and window appliances work the same way, the only difference being a matter of fitting. Installing through the wall air conditioner appliances is done in the room window, while the “through the wall” conditioner is fitted through a hole drilled through the wall. The window air conditioner is a fine alternative if you want to maintain the set-up of your windows.

Our favorite – and one of the easiest to install – through the wall air conditioner units is the Frigidaire FRA08EHT1 8,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Room Air Conditioner with 4,200 BTU Supplemental Heat (115 volts). This is a great unit that will keep you cool all summer long.

In recent years, however, many people have opted for portable air conditioners because they are so easy to install and are mobile. The wheels make it possible to pull it from one room to the other or to position it where you want it. The hot air is ventilated through a hose and condensation is harvested separately.

The ductless version, however, possesses a compressor which is housed outside the room and an air handler unit stays behind. Packaged terminal air conditioners cover cooling and heating units and installation is through the wall.

Central air conditioning units do more than just cool the air, they are also capable of filtering and dehumidifying the air. It operates from a central position in your home and doles out refreshing air throughout your home or office.

The British thermal unit (Btu) rating of any air conditioner is an indication of its efficiency. This rating measures the extent or rate at which the A/C can get rid of heat from the room and, as such, the higher the Btu rating the greater the weight, price and size.

Another important indicator of efficiency is the energy efficiency ratio (EER). The higher the rating the better an appliance’s efficiency, the price will obviously be higher. The thermostat built into your appliance can either be a manual or programmable one.

Filters are responsible for cleansing the air of impurities and particles than can trigger allergic reactions. Filters that can be replaced at will or cleaned are the preferred choice amongst buyers. Units which possess a fan with speed adjustment controls are also more efficient.

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