Invest in an Air Conditioner Fence to Deter Thieves

AC Unit Fence
Metal prices are at an all time high, copper is worth a small fortune, hence we hear constant conversations about air air conditioner fenceconditioner units being stolen. Air con units are now being pilfered for their scrap value, so is it any wonder that homeowners are keen to erect an air conditioner fence?.

In fact, I have heard of A/C units being stolen from industrial, commercial and residential premises. No one is immune from this epidemic, both ground and roof-mounted units are being targeted.

It is wise to take preventative measures to protect your external air conditioning unit and there are several ways of doing this. However, the method used much depends on your budget and the location of the unit.

. Obstruction – Conceal the air conditioning unit behind shrubs and bushes

. Lighting – Install some lighting around the A/C unit to deter thieves

. Air Conditioner Fence or Metal Cage – Enclose the cooling unit in a metal cage or place it behind a fence

. Alarm – Alarmed air con units can be monitored by remote central stations

. Padlock and Chain – This may not prevent the unit from being stripped, however, it will slow the process down and act as a deterrent

. Fence – Erect an air conditioner fence to delay and prevent theft

. Move the Air Cooling Unit – Move the unit to a less visible area

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