Is There a Free Standing Air Conditioner with No Exhaust Hose?

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Heating units are designed to manufacture heat. The natural heat of the sun, an electrical element or a gas flame can manufacture heat. Heat is sourced when chemical bonds break as natural gas burns. Heaters function in any environment by injecting energy into the system.

However, free standing air conditioners and central air conditioning units work in a slightly different way. It is impossible to create cold air. Cold air is created when energy fails to exist, but energy does not vanish or lie dormant.

In reality, the free standing air conditioner no exhaust hose simply does not exist. Below, we’ll explain exactly how an air conditioner works and why it always needs a way to vent the hot air out of your home.

A movable air conditioner transfers the heat from one place to another. People may find it difficult to work in a hot building, but a free standing air conditioner unit expels the hot air.

A Detailed Explanation of the Refrigeration Cycle

A portable AC unit works in a unique way. When liquids evaporate, they turn into a gas and this gas absorbs heat. Condense the gas back into liquid form and it converts to heat.

The fluid acts as an energy sponge, it soaks up the heat from one place and transfers it to another area. The units use specially designed refrigerant fluids that evaporate and condense to keep the room temperature comfortable.

The refrigerant fluid flows through the expansion valve down into a low pressure area of the heating unit. Lowering the pressure cools the air. The warm air in the room is blown into the pipework carrying the cold liquid and this cools the air transferred into the room.

The liquid absorbs heat from the air, which evaporates into gas. The gas warms as it passes through the compressor. The compressed gases travel through the condenser and they are released as heat.

The air that passes through the condenser is then exhausted outside; hence the hot air is transferred outdoors. The gases condense into liquid and the cycle starts over again.

The Side Effects of the Refrigeration Cycle

Portable air conditioners and portable heaters work differently. AC units need to be vented to expel the warm air. An exhaust hose transfers the hot air into the drop ceiling or outdoors.

This ensures the hot air does not return to the room. Air conditioners must be exhausted properly if they are to work efficiently. That is why you will never find a free standing air conditioner with no exhaust hose.

When building managers learn how a free standing air conditioner works, they can install the units and run them efficiently.

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