Is There a Portable Air Conditioner That Doesn’t Need Venting

portable air conditioner that doesn't need venting
People often wonder if there is a portable air conditioner that doesn’t need venting. This is because they do not know whether or not vent-less units exist.

While some people claim that they do, others say they do not exist. Online reviews have made matters worse with many of them portable air conditioner that doesn't need ventingclaiming that there are several AC models that don’t require vents, while others have listed several that work without vents.

The Haier 14,000 BTU Commercial Cool Portable Air Conditioner is a good example of portable units that are touted to work without a vent. According to some reviews, the unit comes with a window exhaust kit.

Haier provides a portable AC unit and calls it vent-less, but offers a window exhaust unit.

What is the kit used for?

It’s used for venting of course, so the portable AC comes with a venting unit.

A vent does not necessarily refer to permanent installations that are connected to the AC system, it refers to any outlet that removes hot air from a building. The window mounted exhaust unit is simply a fancy way of referring to a venting unit that is installed at the window.

So the question is – does portable air conditioning with no venting exist? The answer is – not in this age.

However, there are portable cooling systems that don’t require venting. In fact, there are three: a small window air conditioner, a fan and a portable evaporative cooler like the Luma Comfort EC220W. These three cooling units do not require any type of venting to work.

If you think that you have seen a portable ac without a vent, it was probably an evaporative cooler that you actually saw. This type of unit can be useful if you live in a dry climate and want to stay cool. It won’t work with high humidity.

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