Keep the Air Conditioner Accumulator Clean

Air Conditioner Accumulator
The air conditioner accumulator is a vessel designed to hold the refrigerant as it passes through the evaporator. Its primary function is to convert the remaining liquid into gas before it is sucked into the compressor.

Air Conditioner AccumulatorThe accumulator contains a desiccant, this is an element that absorbs moisture to help to dry out the refrigerant.

Major Signs of Wear and Tear Include:

. A weak flow of cool air – or no cold air at all

Advice Relating to Repairs

. The desiccant within the accumulator absorbs the moisture from the refrigerant. If the ac system is exposed to the air for any length of time the desiccant becomes moist. This can lead to corrosion, which could cause the orifice tube or the expansion valve to freeze. If this happens, the refrigerant is unable to circulate within the system.

. At some point the AC compressor will need to be replaced and we recommend that the AC accumulator is replaced at the same time. The accumulator acts as a debris and moisture filter for the air con system and the new component will keep the newly repaired unit clean.

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