Kenmore Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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The air conditioner market is competitive, but leading brands include LG, Sharp, Friedrich, Panasonic, Samsung, Carrier, Whirlpool and Kenmore. All of these makes are available with a wide range of EER and BTU ratings. These innovative units cool air quickly and produce very little noise. Generally, portable ac compressors are very durable and will last you for 7-10 years.

kenmore portable air conditioner reviews

Some of our favorite portable air conditioners are those manufactured by Kenmore. If you read Kenmore portable air conditioner reviews and you will see they have a great reputation. These air conditioning units have a high cooling capacity and the modern EERs cut running costs. These portable ac units are also modern and sleek; hence they have the edge over other models.

You can pick up a Kenmore portable air conditioner at Sears or Kmart. They come at reasonable prices, starting at a couple of hundred dollars for a small 8000 BTU unit up to $500-$600 for a larger 12000 BTU air conditioner.

The majority of air conditioner reviews take EER and BTU numbers into consideration. BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Units and these figures range between 5000 and 18000. Air conditioners with a higher BTU are more powerful, hence they create much cooler air. It is worth noting, however, that powerful units cost more to run. In general, the BTU needed for cooling a room can be worked out by multiplying the room’s square footage by 35.

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER refers to the amount of energy an air conditioning unit consumes. Units with a high EER use less power and save money on utility bills. In general, the EER numbers range between 8.2 and 10.5.

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