Kenmore Through The Wall Air Conditioner

Consumers can now get the Kenmore through the wall air conditioner model from popular merchants like the Sears outlet. The following are some of the features and specifications of the unit.

This particular model can cool a room with up to 350 square feet of floor area. This Energy-Star labelled appliance has a timer that can be used to turn the device on or off to save energy.

It comes with easy controls including a full-function remote control and a four-way direction control that makes it possible for you to direct the cool air to a particular area.

Be sure to use the device’s sleeves for proper installation. Here are the other features of this through the wall air conditioner:

8000 BTU’s
350 sq feet of cooling
24-hour timer
Sleep mode
Location-based temperature sensor that adjusts temperature settings according to the temperature around the remote control
Energy-Star rated
Eco-friendly 410A refrigerant
Easy controls (one-touch)
Filter cleaning reminder
Air direction control (8-way)
3 fan speeds
3 cooling speeds
9.4 energy-efficiency rating

The product reviews on this particular air conditioner are mixed. While some people complain that the construction is mediocre, others have lovely things to say about the device. There are those who complain that this AC model is not long-lasting. In fact, quite a number of reviewers claimed that these models can only last a few summers.

The energy consumption of the unit was a problem. Some reviewers complained that the energy-saver mode didn’t save them any money in energy bills.

However, most reviewers claimed that Kenmore units offer great value for money.

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