Kenwood Air Conditioners: A Good Product for the Price

Best Portable Air Conditioner Dorm Room
What are Kenwood air conditioners like? They are widely available through large outlets such as Costco. Are they the unit for the average consumer?

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Read this information, and judge for yourself what the best model may be for your own home or office use.

This A/C unit has useful electronic controls, push buttons and LCD display. A bracket for window installation keeps the unit secure and level as the hot air from the space is vented to the outside. The exhaust hose aids cooling, and the remote allows adjustment of the temperature and humidity without having to get up and manually change the settings. Start-up of cooling is quite fast– taking only 3 to 5 minutes to be fully operational.

Consumers state they enjoy Kenwood air conditioning units as being great for taking care of the cooling needs in an average sized room. Also, they find installation a snap with the use of a window installation kit.

On the other hand, some people have not liked Kenwood products because they have come on and turned off too much. On occasion, the breakers trip. Some consumers also do not like the noise that the units make.

All in all, Kenwood models are good, efficient products for the price. Any minor problems are just part of operating a portable A/C unit.

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