Know the Best Place to Put a Portable Air Conditioner

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Many people wonder about the best place to put a portable air conditioner in their home. Best Place to Put a Portable Air ConditionerHere are some helpful tips:

Place it Near an Electrical Outlet

The portable air conditioner must be placed near a source of electricity. This location can help prevent people from tripping over electrical cords. Additionally, it is advised that the portable AC unit be placed up against a wall. With it placed against a wall, it is less likely someone will run into it. The use of an extension cord might be necessary.

Place it Near a Window

Portable air conditioning units will typically have hoses that must be placed through a window in order to circulate air and remove hot air from your home. If this hose is not placed properly, the performance of the air conditioning unit will be affected and the unit could even be permanently damaged.

Avoid Excessive Moisture

If you plan to have your portable AC running without supervision, it is important that it is installed in a location that will not expose it to potential leaks or excessive drafts. If a great deal of water gets into the portable AC unit it could malfunction. Likewise, it is essential that it not be installed in an area where water or other liquids are either used or served.

Make Sure it is Not Accessible to Pets or Children

Young children are typically very curious, especially around something that is new. Therefore, it is a good idea to install your portable AC unit out of reach of children as well as curious pets. Consider placing your AC dehumidifier unit in an area that is not frequently used or occupied.

Keep it Away from Other Electrical Appliances

A portable air conditioner generally drips water that is accumulated in a drip tray. This tray will need emptying every day or two. If you forget to empty the tray, water can overflow spilling onto the surrounding floor and possibly damaging other electrical appliances that are nearby.

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