Kooleraire Review

For those who are considering a portable air conditioning unit, perhaps as a replacement in the vehicle or to cool a relatively small space, the KoolerAire 12 volt portable air conditioner is designed to meet your needs. The unit itself is small, portable and can be set up in places where traditional air conditioners cannot be used.

Having a portable air conditioner on camping trips, boating excursions or other outdoor activities provides a welcome oasis from the heat. Does this product live up to the expectations? In this KoolerAire review we will look at what this product is, what it does, the advantages it carries and how it performs overall.

What is the KoolerAire 12v Portable Air Conditioner?

Essentially, the 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner is a small, rectangular unit that is designed, with the assistance of a cooler and ice, to cool down the interiors of vehicles, tents and other small spaces while outdoors. The unit itself is rather compact, inexpensive and versatile in that it fits a variety of standard coolers and works in a number of situations.

The KoolerAire works by placing it atop an open cooler, for example an Igloo 25 quart or Coleman 28 quart cooler that has ice in the bottom. You simply plug in the 12 volt adaptor and the result is cooler air inside your tent, boat or vehicle so you don’t have to sweat out another night in the great outdoors.


There are a number of advantages that this particular product brings to those who want a little more coolness in their outdoor adventures. In this KoolerAire review, we examine some of the advantages that this product brings.

Simple Set Up: Admittedly, setting up the KoolerAire, cooler and ice was pure simplicity. We had little trouble getting everything right and going to cool our tent.

No Hoses: One of the problems with other, somewhat larger air conditioning units was how they were self contained with messy hoses, wire and bulky packages. That was not the case here as the unit only had a single power cord to be plugged in.


Despite the listed advantages, many of the customer reviews of this product have been quite negative. The vast majority of the complaints center on the overall performance of the unit itself. While it can blow cool air, it is generally insufficient to cool the air even in a relatively small space such as the cab of a pickup truck or vehicle. This is arguably because the fan in the KoolerAire 12v portable air conditioner is simply too small to circulate enough air to cool down even a small area.

Because of these consistent negative reviews, the KoolerAire 12v portable air conditioner is generally not recommended unless the area is quite small and not subject to any outside heating sources. Otherwise, the equipment does function as advertized, so for limited use this product may fulfill your needs. However, it should not be expected to cool any but the smallest areas of the car or home.

If you are looking for a way to keep cool with a 12 volt set up, your best bet is to go with the Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze 12V Fan. Consumers tend to love this fan and the report that it does a great job keeping them cool.

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