Learn About Portable Air Conditioner Venting Options

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If you work in a place where the computer server room lacks independent temperature control, you may have already thought about installing a portable air conditioner as an effective way to keep the equipment cool without making the rest of the office uncomfortably cold.

Purchasing a portable air conditioning unit is the most affordable option for keeping a server room cool when consumers choose the right unit and have it installed properly. If you buy one of these cooling units, you can hire professionals to install it or you can do it yourself.

If you decide to install the unit yourself without outside help, you should keep the following issues in mind.

Ventilation Hose Location

A portable unit is simple to roll to a different location but it does need a ventilation hose to work properly. Without the hose, the unit will take in hot air and blow it back out at the same time cold air is coming out of the front of the unit. If the hot air is not forced outside, the room’s temperature will remain warm except for the area right in front of the air conditioner.


Using a ceiling panel to vent the hot air is a good choice when looking at portable air conditioner venting options. Remove the ceiling panel, cut a circle in it and insert the hose and fitting before replacing the ceiling panel to its original location. If the ceiling is not designed for ventilation, drill the hole through any interior or exterior wall.

Inspect the system frequently for any debris blocking the vents because outtake and intake vents must be kept clear for proper operation of the cooling system.

In the past, special electrical wiring was necessary to run large air conditioners. This was because they required more power than a standard outlet could handle.

Smaller units are generally compatible with standard outlets. Extension cords can create a fire hazard and are not recommended for use in this application. Before purchasing a unit, make sure the cord is long enough to reach the outlet.

Maintaining the System

Most units will work for years without excessive noise. Good maintenance habits include clearing the vents of any debris and using canned air to blow away any dust. Air filters should be replaced every six to 12 months.

Call a qualified air conditioner technician if your unit becomes less efficient. A portable air conditioning unit is the ideal solution for a server room without independent temperature control. This type of cooling system is cost-effective for any size business.

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