Learn How To Clean Your Split AC Unit

Given the amount of labor that is required, cleaning a split air conditioner can be a taxing endeavor. For those who have professionals who can handle these efforts for them, there are few issues to contend with.

Consumers who wish to save money and want to tackle this task on their own, however, will have a tough job completing this clean-up and winding everything up afterwards. Following is some helpful advice on how to clean your split AC unit without a lot of hassle.

Unplug And Shut Off The Power
The first and most important thing to do is to turn off the unit and remove the plug from the outlet. A lot of people think that it is pointless to unplug this equipment after they have already turned it off.

They don’t realize that their equipment can break down when water seeps onto the live wires because there is still some remaining electrical current even if the unit has already been switched off but is still plugged in. There is even the possibility of getting an electrical shock.

Blow Air But Do Not Target The Air Reflectors
You should avoid wetting the unit until you have no other option but to do so. If people are diligent in their efforts to keep these units clean, they do not have to wash them with soap and water.

An air blower can do an effective job in a nominal amount of time, however, the air pressure should never be targeted on the air reflectors. At top speeds, the air coming from this blower could damage the reflectors and they might not be able to properly disburse cool air again.

Use Water That Is Cool
Hot water can cause the closely banded metal plates to expand. It is best to use cool water to wash the unit and to use a number of cloths as well.

You can find many different air conditioner cleaners on the market and using one that is the least acidic will minimize the likelihood of your burning the rubber and plastic that is on the interior of this equipment.

Let The Water Drain
Porches, garages and courtyards are great places for cleaning your split AC as these will allow for optimal drainage. This will let the cleaner to wipe the water into the drain rather than you having to wipe the water away with a cotton broom.

Cover Wires With Waterproof Materials
It is a good idea to use waterproof material to cover the wires. If you do not, these could get wet and create short circuits that cause the entire unit to burn out.

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