Learn How To Fix A Noisy Window Air Conditioner

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We had a reader write in with the following question about a noise air conditioner. Here is their question:

I currently have a portable window mounted AC in place. There are times when it runs just fine, but there are other times when it is very noisy. I have attempted to fix this problem, but it always recurs. I think that excessive vibration is the issue. What do you suggest?

Here is our answer:

Air conditioning units can produce excess noise for a variety of reasons. The problem could be caused by hardware that has loosened. If the refrigerant tubing is bent, this could produce a rattling sound if it is too near other AC components.

If you want to know how to fix a noisy window air conditioner, you should know that this can be corrected by simply bending the tubing back into its original position. Check the unit out to find out whether there are any loose components that are banging around and creating a lot of noise. The fan blades may be bent. To fix this, just bend them back to the way they were.

Have you properly mounted your portable unit in the window? When your unit is banging around and rattling, try applying a small amount of pressure to the window sash and see if the sound changes. This is something that you can fix by inserting shims between the frame of your portable and the window sash. You can also check the front panel screws. These will need to be tightened if they are loose.

There might be more complex issues that necessitate the use of a professional technician, like compressor problems. When the compressor crankcase fills with liquid, this is called refrigerant floodback. This usually happens when the compressor starts. Oil leaks that result in low oil levels in the compressor could also be a problem, however, this is rare.

It is probably the way in which your unit is mounted that is causing a lot of noise. Try the shims and the loud noise will likely stop. Always remember to unplug your unit before trying to work on any of the internal components.

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