LG 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

If a portable a/c unit is needed for a large space, the LG 12000 BTU portable air conditioner reviews are worth checking out.

The LG LP1200dxr 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is also a dehumidifier, with the ability to eliminate 3.1 pints of humidity from the room in 60 minutes.

This air conditioner model comes in white and has casters to allow for easy movement. It also features a remote, for convenient operation and adjustment of settings.

The LG portable A/C sends cool air in two directions, for more efficient cooling of a room. But, before the unit can be operated, it must be left standing for at least 24 hours. The portable a/c needs to be vented outdoors. It is recommended not to use an extension cord with this model.

With 12,000 BTUs of cooling, the a/c unit will cool up to 400 square feet, or a twenty by twenty room. This could be a large living room, family room, or master suite. The portable air conditioner includes one hose installation kit, to vent the unit outside.

With three speeds for cooling and a fan setting, the unit offers plenty of flexibility in how it’s used. The 2 way air deflectors can be adjusted up or down and left or right. Users can adjust the direction to suit their personal needs.

The electronic touch controls of this machine allow the user to simply push a button to begin cooling. It is programmable, so the user can set the unit for a time to come on and a time to shut off. This is a desirable feature, as the user can come home to a cool room.

A sleek remove control lets users adjust for cooling or fan without getting up. The unit will automatically turn itself on again if the power goes out. The unit includes a removable, washable air filter.

The LG 12,000 BUT A/C is efficient. It can remove 3.1 pints of humidity in an hour. It can be vented through a window or existing wall vent. This model comes with detailed instructions, for proper installation of the vents. The dimensions of the air conditioner are 18.5 inches wide, nearly 33 inches high, and almost 15.5 deep.

The portable air conditioning unit by LG is efficient, loaded with features, and convenient to use. It can be used as soon as the day after it has been purchased and brought home, as long as it remains upright.

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