LG Split Air Conditioner Price List

The LG brand is world renowned for consumer electronics. From TVs to cellular phones they have created a household name for themselves. However, there is more to them than meets the eye; they also deal in a commercial line of products, one of which is AC units.

LG AC units are broad ranged in terms of makes and models. There are home units and there are commercial units for office spaces. LG features a ‘split air conditioner’ that is very economical and a great way to go. With these units there is no ductwork. We often get folks writing in to ask about the LG split air conditioner price list for more information.

A split ac from LG can run anywhere from $700 to $5000.

Our favorite LG split unit is the LG 24,000 BTU 230v Split A/C System 17.5 SEER. This is a highly efficient unit with major cooling power.

Split ac units are highly efficient and are placed on you ceiling or high on the wall.That means there are less places for your air flow to be blocked. This also eliminates the need to change filters all the time. A split AC unit comes at a much lower price than your central air system does, and they work in a totally different way from a wall unit. They do not operate by exchanging natural air flow from outside, and they are a lot more quiet than models that require a compressor sitting outside of the home or office.

One benefit to these LG units is their premium craftsmanship. This company is dedicated to producing superior products, and it shows in their AC units. They are a Korean-based company that touts its ability to stand out from the rest and be competitive with even the largest electronics firms across the globe.

Most people when they hear the name, are totally unaware of how long this company has actually been around. They were founded in 1958 and existed under the GoldStar name.

A GoldStar air conditioner represented quality. Over time, they ended up merging with ‘Lucky’, a brand that was exclusively into selling household items. Knowing these two facts, you can probably figure out where the ‘LG’ came from. It is a combination of the ‘L’ from Lucky, and the ‘G’ from GoldStar. Thus – LG was formed.

LG has managed to maintain its place alongside the likes of Carrier and many other well-known brands in the AC industry. The reason is the durability of their products, and their ability to hold up over time. By combining cost savings with efficiency, they created a winning success formula, and it now saturates everything they produce.

LG have not gone through the years unscathed. There have been brushes with the authorities over some exaggerations of exactly how energy efficient they truly were. But in Australia, they quickly got to work making remunerations for the little slips by doling out rebates to any unsatisfied customers. The guaranteed relief from any monies lost in regards to their AC units.

As of now, LG AC units are top grade and in good standing with most all consumers. They are a company that constantly strives to improve in all areas of their business, and also in environmental areas as well. They have recently divided their commercial ventures from their electronic side, in order to give both sides the necessary focus for remaining current within their specific markets.

Keep a watch out on the horizon for LG to forge ahead and creating their niche within the AC markets. While they formerly were a bit over-enthusiastic in the claims they were making, they have since learned a valuable lesson from their mistakes and have proven to be a force within this industry.

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