Locate the Best Air Coolers in India

Kenstar is regarded as a leading brand name and the company produces some of the best air coolers in india.

The Kenstar Window AC KFW50CE1 is the latest model and the robust and stylish unit performs well. This portable ac unit from Kenstar is popular, and it offers good value for money. Indian homeowners prefer compact air conditioners that use very little energy; however, they require powerful ac systems that can cope during the hot summer weather.

The Kenstar portable A/C unit has great cooling capacity and this type of air conditioner will cool the hottest of rooms.

The 1850W unit uses less electricity; hence homeowners do not live in fear of massive energy bills. The portable air cooler has a capacity of one and a half tons, and it is operated via remote control.

The LCD remote has an auto-restart function and timers help to keep the temperature stable. The Kenstar air cooler has an inbuilt On/Off timer and a sleep timer, and these features help to make it one of the best air cooling devices on the market.

The unit operates quietly and the remote control is fitted with a useful night-glow button. This portable air cooling unit has Blue-Fin technology and the evaporator coil is covered with an anti-rust coating. This air conditioner is designed to offer maximum cooling in hot Indian summers.

Install this capable AC system to ensure you and your family remain cool all summer through. The Kenstar window unit is affordable and it is one of the best-priced portable A/C systems on the market. Many people view the Kenstar Window AC system as one of the leading ac units. Buy this portable air cooling system to remain one step ahead and you can rest assured, the Kenstar unit is definitely a smart investment.

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