Looking for the Best Air Conditioner Filters

You need to maintain your air conditioner to keep it performing at its peak and increase its lifespan. One of the ways you can maintain your air conditioner is by changing its air filter periodically. The air filter prevents dirt and debris from getting into the system.

Failing to maintain the air conditioner makes its efficiency drop over time. To keep your costs down, you can opt for electrostatic filters.

Find the Right Air Conditioning Filter

There are various filters you can use for your air conditioning system. Two of the best air conditioner filters available in the market are:

1) Pleated Filters

Pleated filters can give satisfactory results. Our favorite is the Nordic Pure 20x25x2 MERV 10 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter.

The filters have an efficiency of anywhere about ten to sixty percent. You will need to replace the pleated filters every three to six months, depending on how quickly they get dirty.

2) Electrostatic Filters

If you need more filtration, you may wish to install electrostatic filters.The best that we have seen are the Boair Electrostatic Washable Ac Furnace Filter.

The filters can be cleaned and re-used, and therefore provide the best value for your money. However, while the filters are more efficient, they tend to get dirty quickly and have to be changed more frequently.

Electrostatic filters provide better value than other types of filters. However, the cost of these filters is about two to six times higher than efficient disposable filters. The filters are re-usable and simply need to be rinsed to be used again.

Maintaining Electrostatic Filters

Electronic filters become inefficient and their dust removing capability decreases with time. Moreover, the filters get dirty enough to affect airflow. To clean the filters, you will have to remove the electronic cells and soak them in a solution like HVAC cleaner. After this, you have to rinse and dry them.

The most efficient filters available are the HEPA filters. However, the biggest disadvantage of the filters us that they restrict airflow and become unusable after a short time. Thus, they need to be checked on a monthly basis. A technician can will help you know if this is the best type of air filter to use in you conditioner system.

On the other hand, the least efficient types of filters are the economy panel filters. These filters are bare and you can see clearly right through them.

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