Lowes Through the Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Regardless of how sticky and humid things get outside, if you have a good air conditioner inside, then you got it beat. The traditional favorite in times past was the central air system, but today the benefits of through-the-wall units are beginning to stand out.

Specific Benefits

When you look at it in terms of cost, the wall units can cost you less to run compared to the central air units. If a large part of your time is spent in just a couple of rooms, then it only makes sense not to waste energy cooling the ones not in use just to stay cool in those. This is even more true in the larger homes. You can really save some cash on energy bills by stopping at Lowes and picking up a Lowes through the wall air conditioner for about $500 to $700.

The most popular brand of through the wall units at Lowes is Frigidaire. These models come with excellent features at reasonable prices. For example, check out the Frigidaire FRA086HT1 8,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Room Air Conditioner (115 volts).

Looking at it from the perspective of maintenance, single wall units are far more easy to replace than a whole central air system. The fact is, if one of your wall units acts up, all you have to do is move to a different area of the home where another unit that works is, and you can be comfortable and happy until you fix the other one. However, when central air systems act up, then every room in the house suffers. You find yourself sweaty, hot, annoyed, and down on your luck.

One thing to keep in mind is that, like most any household appliance, wall units can eventually break down. The way to avoid untimely breakdowns is by regularly inspecting your units, and replacing them when it becomes necessary. Most of the experts agree that you should replace your through-the-wall unit whenever the cost of repairs exceeds the $100 mark.

Life Expectancy

A through the wall air conditioner unit’s average life expectancy tops out at around 15 years. There are occasionally some models that don’t go past the 10 year mark. Because the wall unit prices have gone down in the last few years, it just makes more sense to replace them rather than pour money into them for repairs.

New units have the benefit of a warranty. But if the repair costs are pretty low, then there’s no harm in getting a few more miles out of one. It all comes down to how it affects you in terms of cost. The question of replacing or repairing is all about the numbers.

In terms of wall unit maintenance to avoid breakdowns, all you have to do with them is wash out their filters now and then. In spite of what you may have heard, you can’t overuse an air conditioner and cause a malfunction. They are designed specifically to run hour upon hour. So as long as you need them they should be getting the job done, keeping you and your family cooled down during the hot season.

So, should you see that your own wall unit could be ready to go down, then no need to panic, a newer model will not be a huge cost to you. Even if the cost is a bit more for a new one, as soon as those really really hot days kick in, you are going to be so happy that you sprung for a new replacement. Just in the nick of time. Ahhhhhh!!

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