Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Unit

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When it comes to air conditioner repair in Orange County, you have a variety of options. However, you’ll need to research these solutions before choosing an HVAC company.

Air Conditioner Repair Orange CountyProper maintenance can prevent most problems from developing over time, though. Follow these tips to keep your central air conditioner in proper operating condition. Likewise, you’ll avoid costly repair bills.

Clean the Central AC Compressor

At the start of each summer, you should clean your AC compressor. An efficient compressor is vital for preventing damage to the entire unit. A dirty unit can can bog down and result in poor cooling. Plus, long-term clogging can cause costly damage to the machine. Strange noises, dripping water, and poor cooling are all signs of a dirty compressor.

Changing the Furnace and AC Filters

Clean A/C filters ensure the unit runs smoothly and should be changed bi-annually. Typically, you’ll want to change the filters in winter and summer. Doing so ensures the unit will run efficiently and remain relatively clean. Otherwise, a clogged filter can result in uneven cooling and above average energy use, costing homeowners even more money.

Without proper maintenance, air conditioning units will break down and experience issues regularly. An inefficient and poorly maintained unit will result in higher energy costs. Completely broken units will require thousands of dollars to fix, too. For that reason, homeowners need to maintain their unit and keep it in good working order at all times. Preventative maintenance is always a better option than fixing problems after they occur.

If you find yourself in need of an AC repair company, you need to choose the best repair service in your area.

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