Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioner for Pop Up Camper

Air Conditioner for Pop Up Camper
If you rely on an air conditioner for pop up camper trips during the hot summer months, some simple maintenance will ensure your cooler works when you need it most. Follow these tips to keep your AC in good working condition.

Air Conditioner for Pop Up CamperThe top of your camper must rise in the center properly to drain condensation produced by the cooling unit. If water is allowed to pool, it can lead to rot and the growth of mildew.

You can order roof supports from a local camper dealer. These metal bars are curved and attach to the camper’s sides to provide support to the roof.

Raise the camper but not all the way. There should enough slack in the canvas to allow you to remove the track on top.

If the camper has a valence, take it off. This will give you better access to work but be careful because if the camper is old or in poor condition, it will leave behind rusty staples and stains.

Loosen the screws that are holding the canvas in place. If you fail to loosen it enough you may have to come back later and repeat this step.

Remove a small portion of the canvas. You can just remove it in the area where you are working and leave the rest of it in place.

Take the canvas track off. Only remove the portion where you need to attach the mount. If you own a Jayco 1207 or some other camper that has a stapled canvas, use a screwdriver to remove it. Take the staples out of the plastic using a small screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Slide the mount to the desired position. Unless you have a reason for the mount to be closer to the cooling unit, two feet from the end is a good distance. Remember the measurement you use because you will want the mount on the opposite side to be the same distance.

Drill a hole for the top of the mount. Place the mount in the desired position, clear away the plastic track and use a pencil to mark the position of the top hole. Drill a starter hole that is 3/32″ wide and one-quarter inch deep (2.4 mm by 6 mm).

Use a nylon lock nut (1/4″-20) to attach the mount. This is easier if one person stands outside holding the screwdriver and one person stands inside with a wrench or pair of pliers. The washer should be outside and the nut inside.

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