Maintenance Tips For Portable Air Conditioner Leaking Water

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Are you having problems with your portable air conditioner?

Most of the issues that occur in air conditioners can often be resolved by using a few easy, do-it-yourself maintenance strategies. The idea of keeping things simple really is an important one, especially when dealing with a portable air conditioner leaking water.

Before you start thinking that you have a major issue that will require the use of a professional and costly repair company, start by looking for some of the more obvious problems and by using a few easy, air conditioner maintenance strategies.

Portable Air Conditioner Leaking WaterIt is vital to ensure that the system has a clean and functional filter. If the unit is unable to cool and you see that there is ice building around the indoor or outdoor system, the air conditioner should be turned off and you can then run the fan for eight hours or so as this will make the ice thaw.

Remember that there is likely far more ice than just the ice that you can see on the outside of your unit. Much of the ice is going to be situated on the evaporator or coil on the interior of the duct work that you cannot see and this means that you have to allow all of the ice to thaw fully for at least six to eight hours before turning the machine back on.

Once you have flipped it back on, make sure that you have got a clean filter and that each one of the registers is opened and that all spaces around the supply and return registers are free and clear of debris. If you turn your unit back on and it starts freezing up again, you will need to connect with a trusted repair company.

There may not be enough freon in the system. If providers are unable to identify the source of a leak after having added freon, there is always the options of using a repair kit for freon leaks, which can be found online and these are usually very user-friendly.

Routine maintenance also requires you to clean your air conditioner coils. Spray these coils with a good coil cleaner and let them soak before flushing them. Pull out all organic debris from around the unit. Consumers can get quality maintenance kits for their air conditioners by shopping online and these will include a brush for cleaning the coils off, a coil cleaning solution, a treatment that is applied to the coils and a fin comb.

The outdoor coil or condenser for your AC should be cleaned about twice each season. If you change your air conditioner filter on a routine basis and use only quality filters, it might not be necessary to clean the coils this often. You should know that having clean coils is an effective way to drop your energy bill. Be sure to turn the main power off on your unit at the breaker before performing any of this work.

You also want to put on safety glasses and gloves before using a coil cleaner. Dirty condensers and dirty indoor or outdoor coils will make your unit less efficient when outside temperatures start to rise.

An additional sign that your outdoor unit may need cleaning is when the copper wire that flows from the unit starts heating up when the system is in use.

Although you may not be able to see any dirt on your outdoor coil, this doesn’t mean that the unit isn’t in need of a good cleaning.

The best coil cleaners go deep into the coil and remove trapped dirt. Bear in mind that problems like these can cause the compressor to fail prematurely.

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