Mini Air Conditioner Reviews

Mini Air Conditioner
If you are looking for a mini air conditioner priced under $225, there are a number of mini ac units from which to choose. Here is a list of four of the best mini air conditioner systems on the market today.

1)   Best All Around Mini Air Conditioner

Mini Air Conditioner

Kenmore 5,200 BTU Air Conditioner

The 5,200-BTU Kenmore 70051 is a mini window air conditioner priced at around $160. According to some reviewers, this low-priced air conditioner mini unit performs better than some air conditioners that are double the price.

Moreover, it has many premium features, including an energy-saving timer, which is most often found on more expensive window air conditioner units. Users think this one of the best mini air conditioner units on the market today, and many about the fact that you can adjust the temperature in one-degree increments.

Although most owners say this is a reasonably quiet air conditioner during normal operation, their biggest complaint is that the unit beeps very loudly — one describes it as “ear-piercing” — when they change a setting or adjust the temperature. Users also complain that the airflow directs only to the right, a possible deal-breaker depending on the unit’s intended location. Still, if you can deal with the loud beeps, the Kenmore 70051 looks like a good bet.

You can purchase this Kenmore unit here.

2)   Best Value Mini Air Conditioner

If price is your main concern, you might consider the Energy Frigidaire FRA052XT7 mini air conditioner. Priced at around $135, this unit is the smallest air conditioner at the lowest price. Bear in mind, however, this unit is not Energy Star-rated, and that may mean higher electricity bills each month.

In spite of that potential drawback, the Energy Frigidaire is a 5,000 BTU mini air conditioner, perfect for cooling smaller rooms. This basic unit does not include a remote control or an energy-saving timer, however. But its low price has convinced many to purchase it. Also, if you have small windows, this might be the mini air conditioner for you. It is pretty tiny, measuring 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall. By contrast, the Kenmore unit measures 18 ½ inches by 12 ½ inches.

3)   Best Mini Air Conditioner for a Medium-Sized Room

Mini Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FRA065AT7 6000-BTU Mini Compact Window Air Conditioner

For a bigger room of 150 to 250 square feet, you might consider the Frigidaire FRA065AT7. Priced at around $160, this mini air conditioner performs almost exactly like the Kenmore 70051 though it cools a slightly larger room.

Reviewers report that this window air conditioner does an excellent job of cooling, uses minimal electricity, and is incredibly quiet. In spite of these rave reviews, some users complain that this unit rattles and can make quite a racket.

The Frigidaire is available here.

4)   Best Mini Air Conditioner for Larger Rooms

LG 8000 BTU Air Conditioner

LG Energy Star 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control (115 volts) – LW8012ER

If you have a larger space of about 350 square feet, you might consider purchasing the LG 8000 BTU air conditioner LW8012ER. Priced at around $220, this is an excellent value for a larger unit.

Users recommend this unit highly and comment on the LG’s outstanding cooling capability. Other reviewers recommend this unit because it is a quiet window air conditioner that is also easy to use.

This mini air conditioner is also known for its excellent construction and premium features, including a remote control and 24-hour timer. LG also offers a one-year warranty on this model.

Click here to buy this LG unit.

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