Motel Air Conditioner Units

why is my air conditioner freezing up
It may be likely that you have experienced the cooling or heating of your room by a PTAC unit, if you have stayed in a motel.

You may have thought that those sleek under-window motel air conditioner units, were available for use in commercial properties only. However a PTAC can be used to cool rooms in your home, and the uniqueness of the size and configuration, make them ideal in certain situations.

With a width of 42″, a PTAC is wider than other air conditioners used in rooms, and is still shallower in depth. A clean, streamlined appearance results from the unit being mounted flush with the exterior wall.

The redesigned PTAC by Friedrich features enhancements that you will definitely appreciate: The unit is quieter and moves the air more effectively,and also has a higher EER. Maintenance costs are reduced because the modular design allows for easier servicing. Additionally, the electric heat output can also be adjusted, by changing the universal heater/power cord that it comes with.

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