Multi Split Air Conditioner Options: The Insider’s Guide

In pre-AC days, people employed various ways to control temperature with a common purpose of keeping cool. In ancient Rome, residents installed water ducts inside walls to cool air with circulating H2O. China natives tried to meet the challenge with different methods. With the advent of air conditioners, however, people all over the word instantly converted.

Multi Split Air ConditionerThe very first air conditioner was primitive and posed serious health dangers. Moreover, although hard for most modern consumers to believe, air conditioning was once considered a luxury.

Due to many complex social and economic factors, air conditioning has drastically evolved from status symbol to basic essential. With such a high demand for AC these days, you have many different options to choose from, including central air, window air conditioner units, portable ac units, and split ac.

Split AC units are designed for permanent placement in interior areas, with separate condensing units installed outdoors. These units connect via refrigeration piping and produce a very low noise level while operating. A variety of cooling capacities are available that is expressed as ton weight of .5, .75, 1, 1.5 and 2 tons.

Each manufacturer provides an owner’s model and publishes product specifications. A primary criterion to find out before proceeding any further is British Thermal Units (BTUs) consumed per hour of functioning. That figure indicates maximum cooling capability.

One of our favorite mult-split air conditioner options is the Pioneer Ductless QUAD ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 16 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 4 Indoor units with 16 Foot Installation Kits. 208~230 VAC.. This is a terrific and fairly-priced system that can be set up pretty easily.

It is also possible to buy a multi split air conditioner that can cool separate areas with a single condensing unit.

Because of brutal industry competition, most manufacturers produce split room AC units with a minimum BTU rating of 9000 to cool up to 300 square feet. Most models have adjustable temperature controls that may be changed as desired. In addition, many feature a “sleep” setting that enables undisturbed rest from periodic adjustments at night. In the past, many owners expressed concern about airborne allergens like dust and pollen.

Nowadays, such issues have long been moot. Most of the better brand names integrate specialized filters that may be either washable or easily replaced for little cost. At this point, most readers are probably wondering about multi-split air conditioner installation. As they are typically wall-mountable, an opening must be drilled into sheetrock.

Warning: Split air conditioning installation can be a complicated, difficult job. Thus, it is best performed by an experienced expert. Other benefits of professional assistance is choosing the best model to meet your specific needs and accurate estimate of extra cost for components like connecting tubes, etc.

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