Multi Split Air Conditioner Price Comparison

multi split air conditioner price
There are several alternatives to window air conditioner units.

A mini-split system is a popular alternative that consists of three parts. The first is the indoor unit that contains an evaporator multi split air conditioner pricecoil. Every room you wish to cool requires an indoor unit.

An outdoor condensing unit is the second part. Only one of these units is required for each cooling system. Each outdoor unit can support up to four indoor units. Lastly, a refrigerant line connects each indoor unit to the outside unit.

A system usually comes with enough refrigerant line for a 25 foot run. More refrigerant line may be required for longer distances.

Our favorite multi split air conditioner is the Pioneer Ductless DUAL ZONE Multi Split INVERTER Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 16 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 2 Indoor units with 16 Foot Installation Kits. 208~230 VAC.. It is an excellent unit at a fair price. Also, it comes with detailed instructions so that you can install it yourself as a weekend DIY project.

The best part about the Pioneer multi splits, however, is the price. You can pick up the dual split unit shown above for under $2000. The Pioneer triple zone units are under $2300, and the dual zone ones are under $3400. And the best part is that you can save money on installation as long as you are a bit handy and have some decent tools.

Mini-split systems come in single or multi zone varieties. In a single-zone system, one indoor evaporator coil is connected to an outside condensing unit. A multi split air conditioner price will generally be higher than a single-zone system.

This is because a multi split ac unit can cool a bigger area with only one outside condensing unit. A multi split air conditioner can cool between 2 and 4 rooms. Each room, however, will still require its own indoor unit.

There are several ways to mount the units inside the home. The most common way to mount is to use wall mounting brackets, which can be controlled by a remote control. They can also be mounted to the ceiling.

This method can be done in three styles. For easy removal, ceiling suspended units can be mounted directly to the ceiling. Ceiling recessed units eliminate any protrusions after they are installed. Concealed units are practically invisible.

The only openings in concealed units are those that allow ventilation of the cool or warm air. Choose the mounting style that best suits your personal decorative style.

While some systems come with a heat pump, they are usually not powerful enough to be the main heat source for your house. These are usually utilized as a supplemental source of heat.

Multi split A.C. systems are small and do not require air ducts. This allows a lot of design options for the home. Multi split A.C. systems offer heating and cooling to a number of rooms. Utility bills are expected to be lower with these systems because many models are Energy Star-rated.

Although there are many advantages to multi split systems, there are also some downfalls. The multi split system is expensive. These units cost more than a central air conditioning system. Window units are less expensive than multi split systems. Certified installers are a challenge to find since these units are less common.

Despite the upfront cost, multi split air conditioning systems are still a viable options for those looking for an effective heating and cooling source. They are small and most will save on utility costs over time.

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