Narrow Window Air Conditioners

narrow window air conditioners
If you have  a particularly small window,  you might be interested in finding narrow window air conditioners for your home. Below is our review of one to the most popular window air conditioner models on the market, the Frigidaire compact window ac.

Of the many types of air conditioners Frigidaire models sold, the Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control, FFRE1233Q1 is ideal for rooms measuring up to 640 square feet.

narrow window air conditionersFrigidaire Air Conditioner Features

Featuring electronic controls and a full function remote, the unit also has an antimicrobial filter effective in reducing bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles. Other features include low voltage protection at start-up and an Energy Star efficiency rating of 9.8, allowing users to save on electricity charges whilst enjoying cool and quiet comfort.

Consumers have indicated that the efficiency rating is spot on. The remote control is also powerful and easy to use.

Easy Installation of Window Air Conditioner

Advantages of air conditioners Frigidaire include quick and easy set-up that allows the FRA123BU1 to function immediately and cool the room quickly. Individuals who have purchased this unit have indicated satisfaction with it and consider it to have good overall value and performance.

Excellent Cooling

Even when the Frigidaire FRA123BU1 is installed in garages with ceilings as high as eight feet, it still starts and cools quickly. In addition to cooling quickly, the unit also significantly reduces humidity levels. These features are great for those who want to work inside a garage on a hot day, yet save money.

The unit may be turned on 30 minutes before work starts so that the area has sufficient time to cool and dehumidify. These air conditioners also seem to stand up well over time by providing the same amount of cooling.

Positive Reviews

Reviews of this unit indicate that even when set on low speed the FRA123BU1 is a little too powerful and can cool areas too quickly, indicating a need for an even lower speed on this air conditioner.

The power save function is also noisy when turned on and off. Another potential problem is directing airflow. Some consumers have found that the unit’s louver does not provide adequate direction.

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