New Air Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

new air portable air conditioner reviews
The approaching summer months means that more and more people will be using air conditioners in their homes. The use of air cooling units to make homes more comfortable comes with a corresponding rise in one’s electric bill. This summer, enjoy cooling without paying high electric bills by utilizing portable units in your home.

new air portable air conditioner reviewsWorking and living during the hot summer months can be very uncomfortable. Windows, thermostats and centralized AC units are viable option when it comes to making your abode cooler. Portable AC machines however can do the job without the need to consume as much electricity.

Portable AC units can be carried or wheeled from one room of the house to another, making it a viable spot cooling option in homes and offices. Those who reside in smaller areas like apartments, dorms and condominiums may find that a single portable air conditioner is more than sufficient to meet their cooling needs. People who live in small areas may find that the use centralized air conditioning may be a bit of an overkill.

Choosing the best portable air conditioner can be confusing with so many options on the market. One can take a look at new air portable air conditioner reviews to see which unit can meet their needs. Units like the NewAir AC12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner can offer high cooling capacity without the need for extensive installation and high electric consumption. Rooms and areas up to around 400 square feet can be effectively cooled without the need to resort to larger units.

The New Air AC-12000 E has a high energy efficiency rating (14.46 EER) making it a less energy intensive cooling option. The 54 decibel hum it produces isn’t as noisy as the many other products in the market. The unit also comes with auto-evaporative technology which efficiently reduces water buildup in the tank. The simple yet comprehensive electronic display and the remote operation option gives users full control over their air conditioning unit.

Available at an affordable price, New Air air conditioning units are among the top options in the cooling market. Easy to use and portable, it is perfect for small areas found in home and office settings. As a spot cooler for rooms with centralized air conditioning or as a stand alone option, these machines does it job in an efficient manner. Prepare for the sweltering heat summer brings by using a portable AC unit.

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