One of the Best Through the Wall Heater Air Conditioner Units

The Frigidaire 12,000 BTU air conditioner is a 10,600 BTU through the wall air conditioner unit. The system is capable of cooling rooms as large as 640 square feet. Some through the wall heater air conditioner units are not effective, but this model can cool and heat the air.

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It can also provide supplementary cooling when the outdoor temperatures rise above forty five degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is able to cool large rooms quickly. The motor runs quietly ensuring you remain comfortable and asleep during the night.

Main Features Include:

. Four-way air flow control
. Multiple speed settings
. Full function remote control

The unit houses an antimicrobial filter. This filter removes harmful airborne bacteria. The inbuilt filter alert tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned. This is a through-the-wall unit, it cannot be installed on a window. The unit needs a 230V electrical outlet, it will not work on a standard 115 volt household power outlet.

Facts about the Frigidaire Unit

. The 12,000 BTU cooling capacity / 10,600 BTU offers supplementary heating
. The through-the-wall unit is not suitable for window installation
. It requires a Special 230V electrical outlet. The unit will not work with a standard 115V outlet
. The ready-select electronic controls allow you to select options at the touch of a button
. The supplementary pump offers an additional heat source to the main heat source when outdoor temperatures are above 45F
. The low power start-up conserves energy and saves money
. The unit will cool rooms up to six hundred and forty square feet (with up to 3.5 pints per hour dehumidification)
. The effortless restart automatically resumes operating at previous settings when power is restored
. The full-function remote control lets you control the room temperature and fan speed with ease
. The 4-way air direction control lets you direct the air where needed
. The unit has three fan speeds, three cooling speeds and three heat speeds
. The auto cool mode allows the fan to adjust speeds as and when room temperature changes
. The 24-hour on/off timer cools according to schedule
. The sleep mode increases room temperature slowly when activated
. The energy saver mode conserves energy and saves money
. The extra long six feet three-prong power cord makes extension cords unnecessary
. The slide-out, antimicrobial filter with clean filter alert removes harmful bacteria from the air
. Maximum wall thickness: eighteen inches
. Universal interior trim kits for the existing wall sleeves are included (New wall sleeves are sold separately)

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